Authorized endorsements

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  • Pierre Larouche of Montréal, QC wrote, "Practical tools for busy office practice... well organized & highly entertaining. Every family physician should be exposed to this material"
  • Joey Podavin, MD of Chisasibi, QC wrote, "Very detailed & comprehensive... very useful"  
  • Paul Carroll, MD of Montréal, QC wrote, "Short & sweet but very potent material... it will make my life easier"
  • Magdalena Orzeszyna, MD of Montréal, QC wrote, "Fascinating! Elements VERY useful in ANY medical practice"  
  • Karyne Cordeau, MD of Québec City, QC wrote, "I did my master's degree in psychology, this medical CBT is very helpful... it will have a great impact!"  
  • Thien Hung Mac, MD of Montréal, QC wrote, “This is essential for family practice... I see medical CBT as primordial to at least family medicine residency...”
  • Anie Paiement-Lamothe, MD of Rouyn-Noranda, QC wrote, "Lots of correlations with the reality of our practice"  
  • Benoit Lapierre, MD of Montréal, QC wrote, "Higher quality than other CME"  
  • Jean Macdonnell, MD of Montréal, QC wrote, "I'd have saved a lot of time if I'd had these tools to use from the beginning of my medical career"
  • Stanley Heisler, MD of Westmount, QC wrote, "Excellent teacher"
  • Marie-Jo Ouimet, MD of Montréal, QC wrote, "Very practical"
  • Louis Warren, MD of Saint-Nicolas, QC wrote, "More practical than other workshops"  
  • Jacques Pelletier, MD of New Carlisle, QC wrote, "Impact in the clinic and in personal life"
  • Thomas Tulandi, MD of Rosemère, QC wrote, “Excellent way of presenting material... I dislike psych, but this opened my mind +++.”
  • Audrey Smith, MD of Newport, QC wrote, “Enjoyed a lot more than other psychiatric CME.”
  • Réjean Lebel, MD of Palmarolle, QC wrote, “Medical CBT training should be compulsory.”
  • Voula Vrahas, MD of Pierrefonds, QC wrote, “Practical tools applicable to daily practice... very highly recommended.”
  • Ashok Oommen, MD of Montréal, QC wrote, “Practical... engaging teaching style.”
  • André Bonneau, MD of Laval, QC wrote, “What I learned was much more relevant and applicable in primary care than what I learned in university.”
  • Justine Farley, MD of Montréal, QC wrote, “Highly recommended.”