Newfoundland & Labrador

Authorized endorsements

Cape Pine's cast-iron lighthouse (1851)
  • Sepideh Nafisi, MD of St John's, NL wrote, "A really practical area we really need to be trained in to be ready to deal with day-to-day practice"  
  • John Janes, MD of Mount Pearl, NL wrote, "Very practical for daily practice"  
  • Pinos Mpiana, MD of Paradise, NL wrote, "Very good information made simple"  
  • Roxanne Cooper, MD of St John's, NL wrote, “Without a doubt this is the most essential skill which is not officially addressed in medical training. This skill is used in EVERY clinical scenario and the absence of skill in this area leads to deficiencies for the patient, clinician and the community system. Should be mandatory part of training and Mainpro.”