Physicians trained in medical CBT report less stress, better patient outcomes, and higher job satisfaction (see). Consider a brief introductory workshop. Or plunge straight into one of our many new three-hour modules, in whatever sequence you desire. You'll soon be providing better psychological care within your standard-length appointments. And you'll earn three-credits-per-hour from the College of Family Physicians of Canada (/Royal College)—from wherever you choose to Zoom.

CBT Canada is pleased to offer a CME cruise from  December 21, 2024 to January 4, 2025 (14 nights) aboard one of the world's top-rated ships, the spectacular m/s Paul Gauguin. The CME is two of our most popular three-credits-per-hour modules: SpicyPsychUpdate (reviewing dozens of cutting-edge general interest psychology papers), and Happiness Science (very à propos in French Polynesia). Cabins start at $14,060 USD for two guests. Find out more about exploring paradise!



"Thanks for keeping the learning environment playful even in a virtual delivery model."


Danielle Martin, MD, CCFP, FCFP, MPP, DSc

Chair, Department of Family & Community Medicine

University of Toronto


CBT Canada Zoom workshop participant

CBT Canada Refund Policy

You may transfer 100% of your tuition to another workshop (free)

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